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Irma Update

There is no doubt that Hurricane Irma caused much damage to the state of Florida, and created a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety and concern for its citizens and visitors alike.

We sincerely hope that everyone stayed safe during the storm, and have since been able to get in touch with your loved ones.

Moreover, we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our devoted team members who worked tirelessly and selflessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents. The way in which we all came together to prepare for and respond to Hurricane Irma strengthened our team and resident bonds even more so.

Now that the storm has passed, the Residence at Timber Pines family is looking forward to sunny skies ahead! We are happy to have returned to our daily activities as normal. We would like to extend a thank you to all family members, friends and others for checking our updates on the website and Facebook page during the storm, as well as your patience.

During natural disasters as well as the everyday, we are dedicated to providing residents with support, care and services, ensuring their safety 24/7. If you have a friend or loved one who may be interested in our community or require additional care, we invite you to contact us directly at 352-683-9009.

Hurricane Irma Preparedness

The safety and well-being of our residents and employees is our highest priority. We have a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan in place, and are equipped with water, food, permanent or temporary generators, and supplies. Appropriate actions are being taken and will continue to be taken in order to keep everyone safe as we watch the storm closely. Our leadership is in close communication with our management company’s executive leadership team. Directions provided by local and state authorities are being monitored and will be followed as instructed.

For the latest weather information in your area choose one of the links below:

Hurricane Irma Updates

Latest updates in response to Hurricane Irma will be posted on this page. If you have any specific questions, please call our community at 352-683-9009.


Wednesday, September 13th @ 9:45am EDT.

The Residence at Timber Pines has been fully operational now for more than 24 hours. This will be our last update. We would like to extend a thank you to all family members, friends and others for visiting this page for updates, as well as your patience. Please contact us directly with any further questions.

Tuesday, September 12th @ 1:42pm EDT.

From our Executive Director, Avi Elias: Yesterday, we walked the building to assess damage. We weathered the storm with very minimal effects. Primarily, we had leaf and branch debris, and two small trees fell. None of these contacted the building or caused any damage. Our landscape crew is on-site today and will continue to be over the next few days cleaning up around the property. We remain fully operational and resuming our normal day-to-day activities!

Monday, September 11th @ 4:35pm EDT.

From our Executive Director, Avi Elias: The Residence at Timber Pines is fully operational.  Pleased to report that we did not lose power last night during the storm. We have some tree debris that we are working to clean up, and only two small trees came down. No property damage to report.

Monday, September 11th @ 8:39am EDT.

  • The Hernando Fire Department has visited our building and cleared it for safety. The roads are now open in our area.
  • We have power and staff are doing a terrific job making rounds and helping wherever they can.
  • No physical damage other than previously known roof leaks, but nothing significant.

Monday, September 11th @ 4:17am EDT.

The storm appears to have passed. We only see minor debris around building and trees. Pleased to say no new leaks found and no apparent damage or loss of power.

Monday, September 11th @ 2:23am EDT.

Winds subsiding, still raining. Just some minor leaks which are being cleaned up as they are identified. Still have power.

Sunday, September 10th @ 11:30pm EDT.

Note from Executive Director, Avi Elias: “We continue to have power. Wind gusts are increasing but tree branches are still intact around our community. I just met with our Plant Operations Director and Director of Nursing to review steps if/when power goes out. Residents on oxygen and CPAP will not lose power coverage. Our staff is showing such leadership and calm! I could not be more proud of our teams.”

Sunday, September 10th @ 8:40pm EDT.

All is good at our community. Wind gusts and rains are increasing.

Sunday, September 10th @ 6:15pm EDT.

Note from our Executive Director, Avi Elias: We have an incredible team of staff who are on the clock and staying on-site to prepare for the evening and night. We are currently experiencing light to moderate wind and rain. Dinner was well received, and residents remain happy. Should the power go out, our generator is ready to provide back-up power.

Sunday, September 10th @ 2:05pm EDT.

  • All systems continue to be fully operational.
  • Residents and staff continue to be in great spirits. Residents are enjoying rainy day activities.
  • Dining Services served a lovely lunch – tomato soup and grilled cheese, perfect for the day.

Sunday, September 10th @ 11:20am EDT.

  • First bands of storm moving through our area.
  • Residents, staff and families are going about their normal activities. All is calm.

Saturday, September 9th @ 10:00pm EDT.

  • All staff is checked-in and all residents are comfortable with families.
  • As of right now, there is light rain, not a lot of wind.
  • We are fully staffed with management on site.

Saturday, September 9th @ 3:05pm EDT.

  • At this time, our weather is currently sunny with very light wind. Residents are calm.
  • We have made all preparations. Maintenance and leadership are making regular rounds.
  • Staff and their families are sheltering at our community and have plenty of space and supplies.

Friday, September 8th @ 10:25pm EDT.

This evening, Kim Te Brugge, Vice President of Operations for the senior living and health care division for The Goodman Group, participated in a phone call with Florida Governor, Rick Scott. During the call, Gov. Scott provided the following priorities for all senior living communities in Florida.

  • Priority will be made to help assisted living and skilled nursing communities with sourcing fuel after Hurricane for generators.
  • Healthcare providers will be placed as priority for restoring power.
  • Assistance will be available for sites that have mandatory evacuation order to find shelter.
  • Many shelters still have availability if evacuation is needed.

Gov. Scott will be hosting another call tomorrow night with updates, Kim, will be joining the call. The latest updates from the call with Gov. Scott will be posted on this page.

Friday, September 8th @ 2:25pm EDT.

  • Dependent on the circumstance, residents may need to be moved to a higher floor. Ample food, beverages, water, and activities are available at each floor.
  • Additional staff members and volunteers are reporting to work and plan to stay through the events of the storm to ensure the safety, comfort and wellbeing of all residents.
  • Nursing staff is prepared to communicate using battery operated walkie-talkies to ensure we can continue meet residents’ needs.
  • All of the residents’ most current medical records have been printed and are readily accessible in the case of a power outage.
  • We have offered immediate staff members’ families to ride out the storm in the safety of the building in designated family areas.
  • We have Life Enrichment activities planned for each floor during the duration of the storm should the power go out.