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Below are some testimonials from residents and family members that have made The Residence at Timber Pines their home. We invite you to come and visit our community, talk firsthand with current residents and take a tour!

Every member of the staff not only made my parents feel welcome but also made us feel part of the family. Everything went exactly as planned and several unexpected surprises of staff members going above and beyond to offer outstanding service, made our first day a delight. We are all thrilled to have chosen Timber Pines for Mom and Dad's retirement home.

Harold Acosta

Family Member

On behalf of Elva’s family, I want to thank the entire Residence at Timber Pines family of caregivers for the way you looked after and attended to my sister’s needs over these last three years. Elva was a special person who lived an amazing life – all of us will miss her smile and laughter. Although her health challenges towards the end of her life was stressful to observe, I am so very grateful that there was a team of professionals who made sure that she was safe and comfortable each and every day.

Again, please know how deeply grateful we are for your many acts of kindness as we mourn Elva’s passing and celebrate her life.

Most Sincerely,


Elva's Family

Dear staff members at The Residence at Timber Pines,

If I could see, I would be filled with awe at the beauty that surrounds me in this place that is my new home. From the charming mural with the cat that is nestled on the chair just around the corner from my room, to the lighting on the ceiling that would make me feel as though I can look up into the blue sky and feel the warm breeze across my face. I would marvel at the beautiful chandeliers, the lovely pool, and the cozy seating around the fireplace. I would look at the delicious cuisine that is place before me and see that it was planned and prepared by the people who care and plated by hands who know the special needs of their diners.

If I could break through these invisible bonds of dementia, I would move to the rhythm of the music that I hear and laugh with the memories that the songs bring to mind. I would show you how much I enjoy the activities that are planned for me and I would participate as eagerly as a five-year-old. I would be aware of the daily chores that are done for me by the staff that so often go unrecognized by family members who come to visit. My clothes and linens are always changed and made clean for me, my room is kept the way I would have liked it in years past – dusted and mopped, and vacuumed. My body, that I can no longer care for myself, is gently washed and dried, lotioned and powdered, all in a way that preserves my dignity and maintains my privacy that I used to guard so ferociously. You have fixed my hair and clipped and polished my nails. These are all reminders to me that I am not a forgotten old lady that no longer needs to be pampered.

If I could speak, I would share my thoughts with you. I would express my gratitude to the doctors and nurses that wmake sure I am comfortable and healthy even when my actions may convery otherwise. I would tell you how happy I feel when I hear the staff camaraderie as they freely joke with each other, because I belive a happy staff instills happiness in everyone who hears the laughter even when they cannot participate in the joy they hear. Although you wouldn’t know it now, I was always a happy person who loved silliness and a good funny story and so I can still appreciate hearing those smiles even if I can no longer see them. I would let you know how much I appreciate hearing those smiles even if I can no longer see them. I would let you know how much I appreciate the administrative responsibilities that are required to maintain a facility such as this to keep it running at its optimum. I would say thank you to all of you who work so tirelessly and lovingly to give me a home in which I can feel safe and loved.

If I could put a pen to paper, I would write all of these things down and sign it myself with love and gratitude to you all, wishing each and every one of you a very heartfelt Merry Christmas.



Sand Pearl Resident

Special friends become family by choice. From the planning stages through the final cup of coffee, you made an everyday meal into a superb event. It was wonderful to feel I could invite my “family” for dinner at my house. The private dining set the scene for a very memorable evening. I can only share with you the pride I felt entering the elegance you had prepared for us. Thank you.

The meal was PERFECT. The beautiful spinach salads with hot bacon dressing were enjoyed by all. For their entrees, everyone chose the flat iron steak with different sides and each one was cooked to perfection! Again thank you. Dessert suited all well as several of my guests were able to make necessary sugar free choices, a need I had forgotten.

Each of you has touched my life in some way. We may not always agree on everything, but you platinum service makes The Residence at Timber Pines a great place to call home. Thank you for caring!

October 14, 2013 was the success it was because of you.

Thank you to Mr. Michael, Ms. Sherrine, Ms. Joann and Faith.